Recycled Tires - 6 Ways to Keep Old Tires out of Landfills

Hundreds of millions of tires - billions of pounds of useable rubber and steel - are thrown into landfills each year in the Unites States. Less than 7% recycled, but there are increasing numbers of ways to reuse and recycle tires, and more and more people are looking into repurposing this valuable resource. Here are six great ways to recycle old tires:

Recycled Tires in the Garden

Old tires can be used as pots and raised planting beds in your garden. Stack them for interesting pyramidal designs, or just lay them on the ground and fill with soil and plants. It's a great way to separate herbs, grow strawberries, or whatever you can imagine. Cut out cute petal designs or paint with bright colors for added attractiveness, or leave them au natural for a more rustic look.

Recycled Tires in the Playground

Recycled Tires in the PlaygroundInstead of woodchips or other playground surface covers, many playgrounds now use ground tires as safe, effective and incredibly long lasting playground surfaces. Old tires can also be swung on, rocked on, jumped on and climbed on as horse-shaped tire swings, the fulcrum of a teeter-totter, or entire climbing gyms linked with chains.

Recycled Tires in the House

Tires in the house? No kidding?! From kids' race car bedroom deco to comfy patio chairs made from strips of recycled rubber, Americans are finding all kinds of uses for old tires in the home. Some have used recycled tires as a roofing material, as table bases, or as a place to store toys or tools. The classic use is the tire swing, but as mentioned above, even that is seeing new designs from horses to tractors to dragons to parrots.

Recycled Tires as Art

From huge yard art installations to intricate animalistic representations, artists are using tires as a medium. Artist Yong Ho Ji has grown popular for creating monstrous sculptures of mutants with used tires. He claims tires are an excellent medium for his art because rubber is flexible and tough like the skin of the mutant animals he creates.

Recycled Tires as Clothing

Since tires are basically your car's shoes, what about using them as your own shoes? Recycled tire tread is being used for soles of shoes and sandals, providing excellent traction and standing up to lots of wear. Some are even making woven rubber bracelets out of this abundant resource.

Recycled Tires as Road-Building Material

There's a new meaning for the old phrases 'burning rubber' and 'putting the rubber to road'. Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC) is being used by some road construction companies because it reduces road noise, cost less than conventional asphalt, prevent cracks, retains its color, saves on maintenance costs and provides better traction.

There are so many uses for old tires, and tire recycling is a great way to keep a reusable resource out of our landfills. If you need to buy new tires in San Rafael, and want to keep your old tires to use in a DIY recycled tire project, San Rafael Firestone Tire Pros can be reached at (415) 599-4457. San Rafael Firestone provides new tire and wheel sales, as well as complete auto service and repair.

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